Jul 9, 2024

Gradients, Header & Footer, Shopify styles, & Code embed

Product update: Gradients

Elevate your Pages and Sections by adding stunning gradients to both the color fill property and text elements.

With Gradients, you can:

  • Choose between linear and radial gradients: Whether you prefer a smooth transition from one color to another along a line (linear) or a burst of colors radiating from a center point (radial), we've got you covered.

  • Add stops: Customize your gradient with as many color stops as you need by adding them between 0 - 100% in steps of 1%.

  • Create vibrant and dynamic designs: Experiment with different colors, opacities, and positions to achieve the perfect look for your project.

Product update: Publish sections as a header and footer to Shopify

With this new update, you can customize your Shopify theme with a header or footer section built in Instant! 

Here's how it works:

Create a header or footer section

  1. Open the section settings in Instant

  2. Enable the section to be used in your header or footer

  3. Name your section

  4. Publish it to your Shopify store

  5. Within Shopify, go to your header/footer

  6. Click "Add a section"

  7. Select your new header/footer

  8. Now, it will be added to your Shopify theme!

Remember, whichever section you add will be visible across your entire store (since your header/footer is always the same).

Give your Shopify theme a personalized touch in just a few clicks.

Product update: Import Shopify styles

import shopify styles feature

Creating stunning and high-converting Shopify pages and sections with Instant just got even easier! Our new one-click Shopify styles import feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing Shopify theme colors and fonts directly into your Instant projects.

To use this feature, navigate to the "Brand styles" section and click on "Import styles" (available when your project is connected to Shopify). Then, all of your theme's colors and fonts will appear in Instant, streamlining your design process.

Additionally, you can sync any updates you make in Shopify to your Brand Styles in Instant with the click of a button. This ensures that your new designs will stay consistent and up-to-date. Streamline your design process by trying this new feature! 

Product update: Custom code embed

custom code embed feature

Unlock unlimited customization possibilities with our new Code embed feature (available for clients on a Business plan and up!). 

Drag and drop a code block anywhere on your Instant Canvas to add custom Liquid code, enabling you to build anything you want for your Shopify pages. 
Here’s how to use it: 

  1. Go to the embed elements section in Instant.

  2. Drag and drop the code block to your desired location.

  3. Insert your custom Liquid code to create unique functionalities.

Why use this feature? 

  • Unlimited customization: Build and style your pages your way.

  • Flexibility: Easily adjust code for dynamic pages.

  • Seamless integration: Drag and drop the code block to get started. 

Elevate your Shopify store with our new Code embed feature today!

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