Oct 16, 2023

Embed TikTok Videos

Elevate your landing pages with TikTok videos

Good news: Besides YouTube videos and shorts you can now seamlessly add TikTok videos directly onto your Instant pages! Simply copy and paste the video URL, and Instant will automatically generate the embed element for you. 

  • Show your products in action and give users a dynamic and interactive experience.

  • Feature user-generated content, product reviews, and testimonials through videos.

  • Embed marketing and high-engagement videos that drive user action.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Select specific product variants when you connect a product to your content

  • Open the context menu by right-clicking an element in the canvas

  • Improved the undo/redo feature in text elements

  • Fixed a fonts issue when duplicating text elements

  • Fixed a bug in the re-send team member invite functionality

  • Improved drag and drop behavior for inserting new sections

  • More efficient data fetching for sites with a large amount of pages

  • Fixed an issue with the drop indicator position being off when inserting new elements in the canvas

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