Mar 13, 2024

Variant & Quantity select elements

Variant & Quantity select elements + Feature request board
Variant & Quantity select elements + Feature request board

Variant select

Showcase your product variants, like size or color, more effectively with our all-new Variant select element in Instant, designed for products with multiple options!

Any product option or variant you have created in Shopify can be used and displayed within Instant. Watch the tutorial for the full breakdown of this feature:

Quantity select

Boost your sales by enabling shoppers to buy more than one item at the same time! With our new Quantity select element, visitors can now buy in bulk. It's easy to use and can be implemented just like the Variant select feature (So check out that tutorial for more details!).

Quantity select feature

Feature request board

At Instant, your feedback is our roadmap. That’s why we’ve created a public feature request board! You can submit any new features you want us to build and upvote your favorite feature requests from others.

Improvements and fixes

  • Improved behavior when switching between add to cart and view product actions

  • Escape special characters in section and layer names before publishing to Shopify

  • Improved ticker element to prevent overflow on certain mobile browsers

  • Fixed an issue with the drag & drop of specific rating elements

  • Added quick links on top of our mobile dashboard overview

  • Open site settings by default when selecting a site on our mobile dashboard

  • Allow negative values for shadow offset in the design panel

  • Automatically select image when uploading new assets in the design panel

  • Improved behavior of eCommerce actions in preview mode in the builder

  • Also sync empty URLs to Shopify section schema for an easier workflow

  • Improved the ticker behavior when editing items within the canvas

  • Automatically toggle preview state when updating interaction values

  • Clearer messaging in builder when certain slider elements are missing

  • Improved scoping of our bundled CSS to prevent clashes with existing theme

  • Allow unsetting the animation transition by removing the animation value

  • Fix related to overflowing content when using specific spacing in accordions

  • Allow unsetting the alpha value of colors to fallback to the default value

  • Scoped autoplay property for sliders when multiple slider sections are used

  • Support for Shopify markets URLs when using eCommerce actions

  • Improved logic in the video fill popup for setting the overlay color

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