Jun 26, 2024

Practical AI, Position fixed, Viewport Height, & Variant Select dropdown

instant changelog ai features
instant changelog ai features

Product update: Practical AI

Introducing version 1.0 of our AI-powered capabilities! Speed up your workflow by enabling this experimental feature in your account settings.

Version 1.0 enables you to:

  • Generate ALT text for images

  • Generate SEO settings for pages and blogs (including the title and meta description)

  • Rewrite, shorten, lengthen, & improve your copy & change the tone

These new AI features are only the beginning. At Instant, we’re focused on implementing practical AI to help users like you speed up their workflow. In the coming months and years, we’ll add more features to our AI-suite. 

Read more about this feature in our Practical AI article.

Product update: Position fixed

Introducing: Position fixed, an element with position that is fixed (I.e. it always stays in the same place even if the page is scrolled). 

This new update opens up a world of new design possibilities. For example, you could create an add-to-cart banner at the bottom of your page. This can constantly remind people that they can buy your product (and enable them to do so in an easy/accessible way!). 

Watch the tutorial to learn how it’s done and how you can utilize position fixes to increase your conversion rate.

Product update: Viewport Height

Viewport Height is here! With this new size property, ‘VH’, you can build Shopify sections that fit every screen perfectly.

This unit is based on the height of the viewport. 

  • A value of 1vh is equal to 1% of the viewport height. 

  • A value of 100vh is equal to 100% of the viewport height.

VH is the perfect property to ensure your hero section, or any other section on a page, fills the entire screen/viewport for the best browsing experience.

Product update: Variant Select dropdown

Introducing the Variant Select dropdown.

This feature, perfect for products with multiple variants, will enhance your customer shopping experience. It allows shoppers to easily browse size, color, or material options with a dropdown selection menu. 

And, to ensure maximal usability, it uses the native select element depending on the customer’s device. 

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