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Jun 26, 2024

Instant Page Builder launches Practical AI features

Instant Page Builder launches Practical AI features
Instant Page Builder launches Practical AI features

Instant Team

Instant Page Builder launches Practical AI features

Instant Page and Section Builder has announced the release of the first version of its time-saving Practical AI features. 

This new addition of Practical AI features is a game-changer, designed to significantly enhance your productivity and deliver superior outcomes. 

Practical AI that saves you time

With Instant’s Practical AI features, users can: 

  • Generate SEO settings: Generate the title and meta description for your pages and blog posts.

  • ​Generate image alt text: Generate the alt text of your assets for SEO and accessibility purposes.

  • ​Content improvements: In-canvas text interactions can help you improve your content. For example, you can rewrite, shorten, lengthen, and change the tone to improve your copywriting. 

How to enable Instant’s Practical AI features

Here’s how to get started with Instant’s AI features: 

  1. Go to your Instant account settings. 

  2. Click on Manage account. 

  3. Scroll to the Experimental features section. 

  4. Toggle on the Practical AI features. 

Who can use Instant’s Practical AI features? 

All Instant users can use these experiential features, but keep the following in mind: 

  • Fair use policy: An hourly rate limit applies when using the Practical AI tools; this limit is dependent on your Instant plan (Free plan: 20 actions/ hour, Paid plans: 200 actions/hour). 

  • Experimental features may change or be modified in the future.

For more information, users can check out Instant’s Practical AI documentation


Instant’s launch of Practical AI features marks the first step in implementing AI that is practical and will enable merchants to speed up and improve their AI page-building efforts! More features will be added to this AI suite to help all Instant users improve their workflow. 

By already integrating AI-driven capabilities such as SEO optimization, alt text generation, and dynamic content editing, this Instant is poised to transform how its users approach website and content creation. 

Embrace the future of AI page building by enabling Instant's new AI features today.

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