May 29, 2024

Product page templates, Metafields, & Rich text editor

Product update: Product Page Templates 

We are thrilled to announce our most anticipated and powerful feature yet: the ability to build custom product page templates for your Shopify store! 

This game-changing addition will empower you to create stunning, fully customizable product pages that will reflect your brand’s unique style (and enhance your customers' shopping experience!). 

With this feature, you can: 

  • Add buy boxes

  • Highlight subscriptions

  • Showcase product variants

  • Incorporate social proof

  • Add cross-sell opportunities

To celebrate this exciting launch, we're offering 1 product page template (usable for as many products as you want) in the starter tier for the entire month of June!

How to create a Product Page Template in Instant:

  1. Create a new product page layout in Instant

  2. Customize the page to your liking

  3. Publish the product page template to Shopify

  4. Select to which products the template should be assigned

  5. Go live and convert more visitors into customers

We’ve added 12 product page templates (and created a video tutorial) to make it as easy as possible for you to start building your own custom product page templates for Shopify. 

Watch the tutorial, and let’s convert more visitors into customers!

Product update: Metafields & Rich text editor

A few weeks ago, we introduced Text Styles 2.0, allowing you to add borders, shadows, and more properties to text elements. Today, we’ve launched a revamped version of the Text editor! This update gives you all the flexibility you need to create any text element you want, from bulleted lists to numbered lists and more.

In addition to the new Text Editor, you can now work with Shopify metafields anywhere. Previously, you could only use basic product data, but starting today, you can use Shopify metafields anywhere by simply selecting the dynamic source option of a text element or typing “{{“ anywhere on the canvas.

Metafields are a great way to ensure your product page templates are dynamic. This means that the content on your PDP automatically updates when applying the template to a different product. Plus, all Shopify metafield content works seamlessly with Shopify Markets, making it easy to build localized product pages.

Watch the video for the full breakdown:

Improvements and fixes

  • Improved CSS scoping to prevent theme overrides

  • Fixed overflow behavior for sliders with mobile overrides

  • Optimized query to fetch themes from Shopify

  • Improved canvas interactions when switching between fonts

  • Updated Shopify APIs to the latest stable version

  • New reauthorize flow to easily add Shopify permissions

  • Improved variant picker logic for options with same values

  • Added “SSE” to show progress of long running actions

  • Auto adjust canvas size based on pasted Figma design

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Start building now

Explore Instant today to start building high-converting landing pages and sections, no-code required.




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