Nov 2, 2023

From sparkle to sales: Shopify jewelry stores that shine

Shopify jewelry stores
Shopify jewelry stores

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From sparkle to sales: Shopify jewelry stores that shine

The jewelry industry has always been a top global market, recently valued at 256 billion, and is expected to exceed 517 billion by 2030. ECommerce jewelry brands were responsible for a mere 13% of that revenue before 2020. Since the demand for online retailers dramatically shifted during the pandemic, online sales saw an increase of 57%, with a 37% increase in average unit value.

Shopify jewelry stores are leading the eCommerce jewelry industry with unique online storefronts, offering the best in designs, materials, affordability, and convenience. Shopping for timeless pieces has never been easier, especially with the addition of dropshipping to these eCommerce stores. Let’s look at the best Shopify jewelry stores that offer dropshipping. 

Top Shopify jewelry stores

Ring to Perfection

Ring to Perfection has quickly amassed a loyal customer base that loves its unique designs, ranking number 16,423 among all Shopify stores worldwide. While most of their business comes from the United States, they have customers all over the globe. 

They advertise themselves as an affordable luxury jewelry company with carefully curated collections that are both timeless and adhere to the trends of the moment. Ring to Perfection sells everything from bracelets, anklets, rings, and more. In addition to their inventory, they offer guides for sizing and how to use the gemstones in the jewelry.

King Ice

King Ice is a leading industry trendsetter in designing and creating premium wearable art. Their collections boast of your typical wears, like pendants, bracelets, chains, and watches, but add some more unique products like pins, grillz, and more. King Ice garners even more interest from their customers with their official licensed collaborations with brands like PAC-man, Halo, 7-Eleven, Batman, and many more. 

This eCommerce jewelry store garners an impressive engagement, averaging 210.79k visitors to their site. Part of what makes them so successful is that in addition to their unique designs and collaborations, they offer a 20% discount for newsletter subscribers, accept a variety of payment methods, and are active across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Missoma is a UK-based brand offering delicate, demi-fine, contemporary statement, and personalized jewelry. This brand keeps a close eye on what is current and trending while producing pieces with a classic, timeless feel. They offer engraving on some of their jewelry for a personal touch that makes those pieces wholly unique to the buyer.

This Shopify store incurs the most traffic of any of the sites on this list, coming in at 1.18 million visits per month. They rank 747 in their category of fashion and apparel and 36,702 globally. Aside from the ability to personalize your jewelry, Missoma is successful for the modern design of their site, their use of a countdown timer to create buyer urgency, accepting a variety of payment methods, offering a 2-year warranty on goods sold, and digital gift cards. 

Dazzling jewelry dropshipping products

Jo Goodin 16” Rhodium Plated Clear CZ Round Bezel Saturn Necklace

This polished chain is coated in Rhodium with spaced round beveled clear Cubic Zirconia stones, making this piece delicate and feminine. The necklace comes with a 2-inch extension, giving customers 18 inches of versatility. The product's suggested retail price is $58, but the wholesale price can be viewed when you register with J Goodin.

RC Jewelry Twisted Glitter Textured Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver

This elegant update to the classic hoop earring features the brilliance of polished twisted sterling silver and diamond-cut glittery texture. Perfect for adding sparkle to any occasion, these small 1.25 x 1.25 in. earrings won't overpower your ears and are easy to put on with their hinged snap back. The supplier offers quick shipping, and the wholesale price is viewable by registering with RC Jewelry

Gold N Diamond 14k White Gold Pear Diamond Halo Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring 1-⅞ Cttw

This Ana M pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, the epitome of luxury and sophistication, is featured on the Gold N Diamond website. Made of 14k white gold with 29 stones altogether, totaling 1 &⅞ carat weight. The retail price for this ring is $11,623.75. Wholesale price can be viewed when registering as a Gold N Diamond seller. 

Jewelry dropshipping wholesale suppliers

J Goodin

J Goodin provides both wholesale and dropshipping options from their selection of fashion jewelry. They specialize in cubic zirconia, which mimics the clarity and sparkle of a diamond but at a lower cost. This jewelry supplier carries everything from bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and other accessories. They also have carefully curated collections with a range of different styles. 

J Goodin offers wholesale products and a dropshipping program for their customers. They have three subscription options: 1 month ($15), three months ($40.00), and six months ($75). No minimum order is required, and there are two options for ordering, including directly on the website with a credit card or using an order template that can be emailed to them. 

Richard Cannon Jewelry 

Richard Cannon Jewelry is a reliable dropshipping jewelry supplier located in New Jersey. They offer a catalog of high-quality products on a user-friendly website, including pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. 

This wholesale supplier offers a dropshipping program and offers its participants dropship features they can use on their e-commerce storefront. Richard Cannon Jewelry's drop ship program offers a one-month trial for $1, a low monthly fee of $29.99, and no minimum order requirement. 

Gold N Diamonds

Gold N Diamonds is located in Georgia and offers high-quality traditional fine jewelry and diamonds at wholesale prices. This company has been a dropshipping supplier since 1995 and offers a large inventory of earrings, pendants, charms, bracelets, necklaces, and even engagement rings.   

While Gold N Diamonds does offer a drop ship program at a monthly subscription fee of $299, they require your online store to be established with a minimum of $50,000 in sales to qualify. This may not be the best option for those just starting their e-commerce jewelry business, but it is one to keep in mind for future expansion into a slightly different jewelry market that has the potential to increase sales. 

Using print-on-demand jewelry as an alternative

What is print-on-demand jewelry?

A company that utilizes print-on-demand is the middleman between the supplier and the customer. Therefore, the brand is simply the face of the products. Suppliers are the ones that typically handle the manufacturing and shipping. 

Print-on-demand (POD) jewelry means that the product is not created until after it is ordered, eliminating the need for brands to have large stocks of inventory or purchase products in bulk. This method also allows brands to pay suppliers only after items have sold. 

The benefit of print-on-demand for customers is that it allows for customization by changing various characteristics about a piece or collection, such as stone color, gem cut, metal type, and carat weight. It also provides the opportunity to try on the jewelry virtually before making a purchase.  

Benefits of print-on-demand for sellers

There are incentives for taking the print-on-demand approach to selling jewelry online, especially if you are an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur wanting to start your online jewelry store. 

Faster time to market

There is a lot that goes into creating jewelry, from design to execution, all of which involve expense and time. The more you customize an existing product, the longer it takes to create. With the POD approach, utilizing the 3D printing technique, designs could easily be changed in the digital model and manufactured quickly. 

Intricate jewelry designs 

Typically, the more complex a jewelry design is, the more pieces are fused together to create the design, likely using wax casting. However, with 3D printing, any intricate design can be created in one single piece, no matter how complex. This approach saves time by eliminating an entire step in the jewelry-making process. 

Inventory issues resolved

If your eCommerce store does not function on a made-to-order basis, then you need to have a good stock of inventory on hand to satisfy demand. Having an excess of inventory that does not get sold results in a loss. POD jewelry eliminates the need for investing large amounts of upfront funds for inventory, reduces the risk of loss, and allows the lifecycle of the product to accelerate.  

Combining dropshipping and print-on-demand

Dropshipping vs. print-on-demand

Traditional dropshipping and print-on-demand are not the same. In POD, a product is only created after it has been purchased. In traditional dropshipping, products are produced in bulk, and the manufacturer or supplier ships them directly to the customer. 

The primary difference between the two is delivery timeframes. When a supplier has an inventory of a product, an order can be shipped right away, getting to the customer sooner. However, when it is print-on-demand, there is added time to fulfill the order for printing. Those time frames can vary depending on what print-to-order items were purchased and how many.

How to combine dropshipping with print-on-demand

There is such a thing as print-on-demand dropshipping. Like traditional dropshipping, a supplier is used and is responsible for shipping the product directly to the customer. The difference is that products are not created in bulk. They follow the POD approach instead. This eliminates the need for inventory, upfront costs, and paying the supplier before the item has sold. 

You can make all your products print-on-demand through your supplier, who will drop ship the order directly to your customer. You can also opt to retain traditional dropshipping for your best-selling products to ensure that those guaranteed sales get to the customers quickly. For products that sell at a slower pace, you could save money going the POD route. 

Final thoughts

Whether you're starting your eCommerce jewelry business or looking to expand your existing brand, each of the top Shopify jewelry stores has insight to offer, knowing the market and their customer base. Dropshipping and print-on-demand are two key factors in taking their business to the next level. 

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