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Jun 20, 2024

Unlocking speed: How Heylander delivers landing pages in just one day

heylander testimonial cover
heylander testimonial cover
Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

Unlocking speed: How Heylander delivers landing pages in just one day

As a leading landing page agency, Heylander’s success hinges on its ability to build and deploy landing pages for clients quickly and efficiently. Speed is crucial in their industry, and the ability to deliver projects in record time without compromising quality is their competitive edge.

That’s why Heylander’s CEO, Sara Bošnjaković, has turned to Instant Page Builder to streamline their workflow, allowing them to consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

With Instant, Heylander has been able to: 

  • Turn their landing page design-to-deploy time from 4 days to 1 day

  • Significantly optimize their clients’ Shopify page speed 

  • Redesign an entire Shopify website for a client

Here’s the secret to their success: 

Pushing out landing pages in 1 day (or less)

Traditionally, creating a landing page could take Heylander up to four days, a timeframe that limited their productivity and scalability. 

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Instant enabled Heylander to streamline its development process. Now they can produce Shopify landing pages for clients in one day! 

How Heylander sped up their design process

The ability to paste designs directly from Figma into Instant accelerated Heylander’s workflow. According to Sara, this feature has ensured that the final landing pages match the original design vision perfectly, saving time and reducing errors for her team. 

A page builder that anyone can use

Sara believes that Instant’s user-friendly design allows anyone, regardless of technical background, to create and update landing pages effortlessly. For Heylander, this democratization of the development process means that updates and changes can be made quickly, without waiting for developer availability.

Additionally, their workflow with clients has improved due to Instant’s custom CMS controls and content management. 

For Heylander, this has enabled clients without any technical knowledge to update their Shopify content directly. Now, Heylander can collaborate with clients when realizing their design vision, instead of relying solely on Heylander to implement small changes. 

Rebuilding a client’s entire Shopify website

One of their most impactful projects executed with Instant involved redesigning an entire website for a beauty industry client. The transition to Instant made the site easier to update and more user-friendly, delighting both Heylander and their client with the improved functionality and ease of use.

Advice for other Instant users

Sara has a number of tips for making the most out of an Instant Page Builder subscription: 

  • Optimize for speed: Use Instant’s custom CMS capabilities to enhance page speed. A faster site improves user experience and SEO performance.

  • Leverage no-code features: Encourage team members without a coding background to utilize Instant. Its simplicity can empower your entire team to contribute effectively.

  • Maximize integration tools: Fully utilize Instant’s integration with design tools like Figma to streamline your workflow from design to deployment.


Heylander’s success demonstrates how Instant can transform workflow efficiency and client satisfaction. By integrating Instant into their processes, Sara and her team have achieved new levels of productivity and excellence. Whether you’re a developer or designer, Instant can help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.

Looking to supercharge your workflow like Heylander? Discover how Instant can help you build faster, deliver better, and exceed your clients’ expectations. Try Instant for free today!

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