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Jun 17, 2024

Instant x TrackBee: Maximizing your conversion funnel

trackbee and instant partnership
trackbee and instant partnership
Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

Instant x TrackBee: Maximizing your conversion funnel

In today's e-commerce landscape, navigating the complexities of ad tracking and conversion optimization has become increasingly difficult.

With the implementation of iOS 14.5 and the rise of cookie blockers, predicting sales and effectively targeting ads has become a major challenge. Advertising platforms like Facebook now struggle with imprecise customer data, leading to less effective ad campaigns (And this is not only the case at Facebook, but across all advertising platforms due to their reliance on client-side tracking and third-party cookies!). 

In addition to ineffective ad campaign issues, there’s also a lack of consistency in the journey between ads and the landing pages that shoppers are redirected to. In fact, our recent Online Shopping Trends Report found that 36% of online shoppers said that landing pages only sometimes match their expectations after clicking on an ad. 

This means that brands may be losing conversions due to ad tracking difficulties and face challenges in providing a seamless experience for the visitors who do click through on their ads.

We are excited to announce that Instant and TrackBee are partnering to offer a powerful solution to this problem: 

  • With TrackBee’s advanced data collection and enrichment techniques, you can optimize your ad platform algorithms, improving targeting and conversion rates! 

  • With Instant’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you can create compelling, high-converting Shopify landing pages in minutes. 

This powerful combination not only boosts ad performance but also ensures a seamless and effective customer journey from the first click to the final purchase.

Meet our partner in data tracking: TrackBee

TrackBee stands out as the best data monitoring and enrichment software designed specifically for e-commerce entrepreneurs. TrackBee allows you to capture conversions in a first-party context through server-side integration, leading to a 60-70% increase in purchase attribution on platforms like Facebook, Google, and more! Utilizing advanced machine learning models, TrackBee builds qualitative customer profiles, significantly boosting event-matching percentages. This enables ad platforms to operate more efficiently, find new consumers faster, and convert more leads, making your ad campaigns not only smarter but also more effective.

Key benefits of using TrackBee:

  • Superior data accuracy: Standard data integrations can miss up to 50% of your data, leading to underperforming ads. TrackBee solves these discrepancies, boosting your tracking accuracy up to 99%. This ensures better targeting, allowing ad platforms to spend your advertising budget more effectively.

  • Enhanced ad efficiency: TrackBee sends the most accurate conversion and user data to platforms like Facebook, improving ad efficiency with lower CPMs and CPCs. This results in increased ad performance metrics such as ROAS and CPM, leading to an average revenue uplift of 29%.

  • User-friendly setup: No development skills are needed. TrackBee’s platform is designed for quick setup with a few simple steps, getting you up and running within 2 minutes. Start tracking instantly without any hassle.

  • Server-side tracking & enrichment: Relying solely on client-side tracking is no longer sufficient. TrackBee’s server-side integration ensures that 99% of your data is correctly attributed. Using advanced machine learning models significantly increases event matching percentages, resulting in detailed customer profiles and sharper targeting. 

How to use TrackBee and Instant together:

Using both tools together is the perfect way to improve your eCommerce conversion funnel. 

Here’s how:

  • Optimized ad campaigns: TrackBee’s precise, enriched data improves the accuracy and effectiveness of your ad campaigns. This ensures your ads reach the right audience and perform better.

  • High-converting landing pages: Once potential customers click on your optimized ads, Instant allows you to build high-converting landing pages and product pages quickly and easily using its drag-and-drop builder and customizable templates.

  • Seamless customer journey: The combination of accurate targeting and compelling landing pages ensures a smooth and effective customer journey, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

  • Continuous improvement: Use the insights gained from TrackBee’s enriched data to refine your ad campaigns continuously, ensuring ongoing optimization and growth.

Special offer: 

To celebrate our partnership, we are offering a special discount for TrackBee: 

  • Get your first month (and first $50k tracked in revenue) for free!

  • Free advanced onboarding, including expert installation and a data analytics call

To get this offer, use the discount code: INSTANT

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative solutions that maximize your marketing efforts and optimize your conversion funnel. The partnership between Instant and TrackBee offers a comprehensive approach to achieving these goals. By leveraging TrackBee’s advanced data enrichment and Instant’s intuitive page-building tools, you can ensure that your ad campaigns are more effective and your customer journey is seamless and compelling. Embrace this powerful combination to elevate your e-commerce business and drive growth like never before!

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