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Jun 28, 2024

Partner with Instant: Join our Affiliate, Agency, and Expert programs

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Partner with Instant: Join our Affiliate, Agency, and Expert programs

We are thrilled to announce the launch of three dynamic partnership programs at Instant: the Affiliate Program, Agency Partner Program, and Instant Expert Program. These initiatives are designed to empower and expand our community of digital creators, agencies, and e-commerce experts. 

Here's everything you need to know about getting involved and maximizing your potential with Instant.

1. Instant Affiliate Program: Earn more with every referral

Are you an influencer, freelancer, or agency looking to boost your earnings? Join the Instant Affiliate Program and earn a 50% commission on any plan sold through your referral for an entire year! It's simple: sign up via Shoffi, refer clients, and enjoy monthly payouts.

Start earning by applying here.

Key benefits:

  • High commission: Earn 50% on any plan you sell, paid out monthly.

  • Long-term earnings: Continue to earn from referrals for a full year.

  • Easy to join: All you need is a Shoffi account. 

2. Instant Agency Partner Program: Exclusive benefits for agencies and consultants

Our Agency Partner Program, tailored specifically for e-commerce agencies, studios, and consultants, offers a suite of exclusive benefits. Partner with us to gain access to co-marketing opportunities, client matching, and special pricing designed to elevate your business.

Exclusive perks for Agency Partners:

  • License to clients: Directly license Instant to your clients under special terms.

  • Co-marketing activities: Participate in case studies, guest blogs, podcasts, and more.

  • Client matching: Connect with our Enterprise clients who need your expertise.

Ready to join? Schedule a call here to learn more and become an Instant Agency Partner.

3. Become an Instant Expert: Verified expertise, enhanced opportunities

Get matched with clients by becoming a verified Instant Expert. All you need to do is create a profile on Contra, showcase your expertise with Instant, and get matched with clients who need help optimizing their e-commerce platforms. Plus, for every paid Instant plan your client signs up for, you'll receive a generous 50% kick-back fee.

How to become an Instant Expert:

  1. Create your Contra Profile: Get verified by adding "Instant Expert" to your bio.

  2. Showcase your work: Publish at least three projects demonstrating your Instant expertise.

  3. Apply and get accepted: We'll follow up within a week to confirm your new status.

Benefits include:

  • Expert badge: Display your verified status with an "Instant Expert" badge.

  • Increased clientele: Get matched with clients needing specialized e-commerce services.

  • Keep 100% of earnings: Contra is 100% commission-free, so you keep everything you earn.

Interested? Start your journey to becoming an Instant Expert here.

Partner with Instant

Whether you're looking to earn through referrals, partner for growth, or establish yourself as a verified e-commerce expert, Instant's new programs offer pathways to success. Apply today to the program that best fits your goals. 

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