Jan 29, 2024

5 Proven strategies for boosting your Shopify sales this Valentine's Day

Valentines strategies for shopify
Valentines strategies for shopify
Rebecca Anderson - author

Rebecca Anderson

5 Proven strategies for boosting your Shopify sales this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for purchasing gifts for loved ones. With over 50% of US shoppers celebrating, you can’t afford not to get your online store primed and ready for this shopping event! 

This blog will serve as your complete guide to boost your sales on Shopify this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s dive in! 

Valentine’s Day shopping trends

Every year the National Retail Foundation drops some insights on Valentine’s Day shopping trends. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from last year: 

  • Average amount spent per person: $192

  • Top shopping destination: online

  • Top gifting categories: candy, greeting cards, flowers, experiences, and jewelry. 

valentine's day shopping trends 2024

To read the full report, check out the NRF’s Valentine’s Day Research Insights page

When should you launch your campaign? 

From last year’s Google Trends, it’s clear that people start searching for Valentine’s Day in January, with it slowly picking up steam by the end of Jan. 

The highest search traffic starts peaking in the days surrounding Valentine’s Day itself: 

Source: Google Trends

So, it’s a good idea to start launching your activities in early February, leading up to Valentine’s Day itself! 

A great place to start is planning how to add your Valentine’s Day campaign to your Shopify site. 

Strategy 1: Valentine's Day-themed store design

Adding Valentine’s content to your Shopify store is a great way to point customers toward your special products, deals, or promotions. 

This could be by adding elements to your homepage with tailored sections or crafting full-on landing pages. 

Importance of a themed Shopify store designs. 

A themed store design can act as a magnet for customers. It appeals to their visual aesthetic and creates a festive mood that aligns with the occasion, in this case, Valentine's Day. 

It also serves as a visual cue to visitors that, yes, your store does have items that would make for the perfect Valentine’s gift, paving the way to purchase decisions. 

You can win hearts and wallets alike, resulting in enhanced sales.

Take Venus Et Fleur, for example, a successful Shopify store that sells flowers that last a whole year. Every Valentine’s season, they deck out their homepage in red and white, with love themes scattered throughout.

Visitors immediately get the Valentine's vibe as soon as they enter the online store, making them more inclined to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Not only do they have a Valentine’s Day-themed homepage, but they also have crafted a Valentine’s specific landing page to promote one of their popular products, the Mini Le Plein. 

valentine's day landing page for shopify example venus et fleur

By creating this landing page, there are fewer distractions for site visitors and more info about why shoppers should buy this product. 

This is a landing page they can reuse for many flower-gifting holidays (like Mother’s Day!). 

Strategy 2: Valentine's Day special offers and discounts

A well-crafted special offer or discount can act as a powerful sales catalyst. When applied correctly, it boosts revenue, accelerates conversions, and leaves shoppers feeling valued.

Let’s explore how to implement them, and check out an example of a brand on Shopify that has done this really well!

Implementing special offers and discounts on Shopify

Creating and launching special offers or discounts on Shopify has never been easier. 

Start by navigating to the Discounts section in your Shopify admin panel. Click on 'Create discount', select 'Discount code', and enter your unique code. 

You can set the parameters of your discount by determining the types (percentage or fixed amount) and specifying the applicable products or collections. 

Remember to limit your offer to Valentine's Day or a specific timeline around it for urgency.

While setting up your offer is simple, crafting a compelling one requires thought. Here are some tips:

  1. Make it worth their while: A 10-30% discount or a substantial dollar amount off is often attractive enough to incentivize purchase.

  2. Be clear and precise: Make sure your promotion is easily understandable. Confusion leads to lost sales.

  3. Maintain authenticity: Special offers should be consistent with your brand's promise and values. Don't lose your brand personality in pursuit of a sale.

  4. Limit availability: Scarcity and urgency often lead to more conversions. Establish a clear expiration date for your offer.

By weaving together the tapestry of an appealing discount, clearly stated conditions, brand authenticity, and a sense of urgency, you can drive your Valentine's Day sales significantly. 

These strategies are powerful not just individually, but cumulatively in driving your Shopify store's revenues. 

Bundling is another promotional strategy you can try - let’s look at an example: 

Valentine’s bundle and discount example: The Adventure Challenge 

The Adventure Challenge has incorporated Valentine’s Day across their Shopify store, starting with their hero banner image: 

shopify discounts and offers

Visitors can clearly see their 40% discount (with a love-themed discount code!) and check out a variety of products that would make the perfect gifts. 

Further down the page, they have another banner that leads to a page promoting a Valentine’s Day bundle: 

valentine's day banner example

This cute banner stands out visually and creates urgency with the “limited edition” offer.

Clicking on “Shop Now” leads to a page specifically highlighting the bundle: 

discount and bundle shopify page example

For those who are interested in the bundle, this page can help provide the extra push to add this product to their cart. 

With this combination of tactics, The Adventure Challenge has prepped its Shopify store for the V-day sales rush. 

Strategy 3: Valentine's Day email marketing campaigns

Email marketing remains a vital strategy for eCommerce businesses, the reason being its unparalleled ability to reach a wide section of audience en masse. 

More importantly, it enables reaching out to those who've already shown interest in your brand or products. A well-targeted email campaign has the potential to yield high conversion rates and augmented sales for your ecommerce business.

One such crucial event that can be tapped with email marketing is Valentine's Day. 

Creating a Valentine's Day email marketing campaign on Shopify

Setting up an email marketing campaign on Shopify is an uncomplicated process when followed systematically. 

To maximize effectiveness, Shopify provides integrations with popular email service providers like Mailchimp.

Firstly, decide on your email campaign's main objective - is it to provide a tempting deal introduce a new product line, or just engage existing customers? This decision will dictate the design and content of your email.

Crafting an engaging and persuasive email is an art. It must first grab attention with a gripping subject line, then engage with concise but compelling content, and ultimately, direct the reader toward a call-to-action.

When it comes to email designs, simplicity wins. A neat, uncluttered design with a clear message often has a higher open-rate. The email copy should be personalized, warm, and conversational - after all, Valentine's Day is all about spreading love!

Above all, timely email delivery is paramount. For Valentine's Day shoppers, send out your emails a week or two in advance so shoppers have ample time to browse through your products.

Email marketing capitalizes on the customer-brand relationship you have established, fostering sales while cementing loyalty. A well-planned, personalized Valentine's Day email campaign can do wonders for your Shopify sales.

Valentine’s Day email campaign example: Lovepop

Lovepop, a popular pop-up card retailer, sent an email with the catchy subject line: “The MOST Surprising Valentine's Day Cards!”

This email inspires shoppers who might be interested in getting something unique. 

The animation in the email also is very engaging and eye-catching. 

All of the right ingredients are there to push shoppers towards their products. 

Check out their full email here

Now, onto another essential part of a well-rounded Valentine’s campaign: social media. 

Strategy 4: Social media promotion for Valentine's Day

Today's society is more connected than ever, and nothing exemplifies this better than social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have transformed how businesses connect with customers. 

The power of social media to influence consumer behavior is immense. It has morphed from being a mere communication tool to an influential channel that drives traffic and increases eCommerce sales.

A tangible example of social media's impact is evident in Valentine's Day campaigns. 

Brands leverage the occasion to stir love-struck emotions and influence purchase decisions. Brands tell captivating love stories to create viral content and increase shopping intent among followers. 

For example, this year, Skims teased their campaign with Lana Del Rey by releasing images on social media before the collection dropped. This netted them $13.7 million dollars in media exposure from their social media campaign. That’s why it pays to head into this holiday with a strategy!

Let’s explore the basics of a successful social media campaign and look at an example of a well-executed campaign from 2024. 

Implementing a Valentine's Day social media campaign on Shopify

While understanding the impact of social media on sales is crucial, how does one execute a Valentine's Day social media campaign specifically on Shopify? Here are a few steps:

  1. Define your goals and target audience: Whether you want to increase website traffic, convert followers into customers, or bolster brand recognition, clear goals, and a well-understood target audience are the foundations of any successful campaign.

  2. Choose your social media platforms: Each platform comes with its own set of demographics and content preferences. Choose platforms where your target audience is most active and receptive.

  3. Create and schedule posts: Shopify allows for easy integration with various social media platforms. Hence, scheduling posts becomes easier. Posts should revolve around themes of love and companionship, resonating with the Valentine's Day spirit.

  4. Engage with your audience: Encourage followers to share your content or express their own love stories to foster community engagement.

Tips on creating engaging social media content

Amid the barrage of brands clamoring for consumers' attention, creating engaging content is the key to standing out. Real stories and user-generated content resonate more with users than generic, sales-oriented posts. 

Perhaps you can share stories of your products bringing couples together or fueling self-love. Artful use of hashtags, enticing visuals, captivating captions, and keeping up with the latest trends also help raise the engagement quotient.

Remember, authenticity never goes out of style. Genuine content encourages interaction and helps forge stronger bonds with your audience, ultimately driving higher sales this Valentine's Day.

Viral Valentine’s marketing campaigns in 2024

Sweethearts Candies clever “Situationships” campaign helped them to sell out of their candies at record speed this year. 

But how did they get all this viral buzz? 

One tactic they used was partnering up with two influencers from ABC’s The Bachelor franchise who were rumored to be dating: 

Sweethearts situationships campaign

This partnership is the perfect example of leveraging social media and pop culture for real results. 

Plus, by selling out - they only increased the interest in their product. With this email capture landing page on Shopify, they continued to collect emails to target when their product was back in stock and ready to drop. 

email capture landing page for Shopify

This is one example of how you can push social media traffic towards your Shopify site, or an email capture page, so you can target them later with an email campaign! 

Strategy 5: Valentine's Day gift guides

Valentine's Day gift guides offer a clear path for your customers, making their purchasing decisions easier. 

Instead of scrolling through countless items, categories, and pages, customers have a curated list of choice products, specially selected for their Valentine's Day needs. 

Not only does this save their time, but it can also lead them to discover products they may have overlooked, potentially increasing the number of items they add to their cart and boosting your overall sales.

Companies with eCommerce platforms on Shopify have previously leveraged this strategy for Valentine's Day. One example is MeUndies

meundies valentine's gift guide

They created a Valentine's Day gift guide featuring unique and top-selling products, which successfully stimulated customer interest and drove sales.

Creating a Valentine's Day gift guide on Shopify

Building a Valentine's Day gift guide on Shopify may seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, with careful planning and selection, it can be both enjoyable and rewarding. 

Firstly, consider your customer's needs and preferences. 

Are they looking for romantic gifts? Or perhaps something witty and unconventional? Whichever it is, your selection should meet these demands effectively.

You then need to focus on the design of your gift guide. 

The visuals should be appealing and inviting. Craft a design that not only matches the theme of Valentine's Day but also aligns with your brand's style and aesthetic. 

Remember, the visual appeal of your guide can significantly impact your customers' purchasing decisions.

Lastly, ensure that the gift guide is easy to find on your site and promote it across different platforms. 

The easier your gift guide is to find, the more likely it is to catch the attention of potential customers, leading to increased traffic and revenue.


We've explored five winning strategies for Shopify sales this Valentine’s Day: themed Shopify store design, special offers and discounts, email marketing, social media promotions, and gift guides. 

This Valentine's Day, impress your customers with your thought-out promotions and a seamless online shopping experience.

This will win the hearts and the wallets of your customers, to help your sales numbers sore during this holiday season and beyond. 

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