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Jun 17, 2024

How Built For Athletes creates Shopify waitlist landing pages in minutes

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How Built For Athletes creates Shopify waitlist landing pages in minutes

Shopify waitlist pages are a powerful tactic for teasing upcoming sales events. When used as part of a pre-launch campaign, they can enable brands to generate buzz, plan for inventory, and gather insights about customers before a launch, allowing for refined marketing efforts and targeting. 

However, in order to successfully add a Shopify waitlist to a marketing campaign, brands need to be able to quickly build, launch, and deploy pages that highlight their new product, partnership, or promotion! 

In this case study, we’ll explore how Christopher Edwards, Head of Digital at Built for Athletes, has been able to create custom Shopify waitlist pages in minutes for their sales events. 

Discover the secrets behind their rapid page-building process and learn how you can achieve similar results!

Building a Shopify waitlist landing page 

Using Instant Page Builder, Built For Athletes created this early access landing page: 

This page served as part of their partnership campaign launch for Built For Athletes x HYROX Europe. It teases their upcoming joint collection and includes a form to capture the emails of interested shoppers. 

Some of the key elements of this page that were built in Instant include: 

  • The product teasers

  • The social proof elements

  • The eye-catching moving ticker

By using Instant, the team at Built For Athletes has been able to build pages like this one, without waiting on development resources. 

From ideas to deliverables in minutes 

A Shopify waitlist page isn’t the only content that Built For Athletes has launched! Finding Instant has allowed their team to speed up their Shopify design-to-deployment process: 

“Instant allows us to go from ideas to deliverables in mere minutes. As a DTC brand, we make many products that don’t go into production; our customers would love some of these products, so we launched them in a “sample sale”,” says Christopher. “Instant allowed us to build the page (with a different design from the rest of our site) and launch this event in near real-time.”

The secret to building Shopify pages fast

Built For Athletes has used Instant to build various pages, including product pages, review sliders, landing pages, and custom Shopify sections. 

In order to build pages fast, they have used pre-built sections from Instant’s Template Library! The Template Library has over 300+ designs that brands can customize to fit their needs and publish to their Shopify store. 

“Instant’s pre-built sections and features allow me to get a solid base to tweak for what we need,” explains Christoper, “This allows us to get ideas out the door and tested, instead of being stuck in the design/development phase.”

The ability to launch content fast is one of the many reasons Built For Athletes recommends Instant to other Shopify merchants: 

built with athletes shopify review

Advice for other eCommerce marketers 

The ability to quickly create and launch high-quality Shopify pages has been a game-changer for Built For Athletes. Leveraging Instant's pre-built sections and extensive template library, they've significantly accelerated their design-to-deployment process. This speed and efficiency allow them to test ideas, launch events, and engage customers in real time, without being bogged down by development delays.

Christopher Edwards' experience with Instant showcases the value of prioritizing quick execution. For other eCommerce marketers, he has the following advice “Building and putting something out there is far more valuable than designs and ideas that don’t make it live.”

If you want to build high-converting Shopify pages swiftly and efficiently, get started with Instant for free today, and pay only when you’re ready to publish!

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