Jun 24, 2024

How to elevate your product detail pages - An interview with Linda Bustos

linda bustos blog cover
linda bustos blog cover
Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

How to elevate your product detail pages - An interview with Linda Bustos

In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, having standout product detail pages (PDPs) can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. In a recent episode of the Click To Buy podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Linda Bustos, founder of eCom Ideas, who shared her expert insights on how to take your PDPs to the next level.

This article will explore the top 5 takeaways from our conversation.

To listen to the full conversation, tune in via Spotify or watch the video version on YouTube:

Who is Linda Bustos?

Linda Bustos is a seasoned e-commerce expert with over 18 years of experience in the industry. She has worn many hats, including e-commerce blogger, consultant, VP of eCommerce, and content publisher at the Get Elastic blog. Linda now runs eCom Ideas, a comprehensive database filled with e-commerce tips and CRO strategies, making her a perfect guest to discuss the latest trends in e-commerce.

How to elevate your Shopify PDPs

1. Leverage AI to enhance user experience

Linda highlighted the importance of incorporating AI into your PDPs to engage customers more effectively. She shared a successful example of a company using an AI-powered chatbot on their product pages to assist with customer inquiries. "They tested different implementations and found that embedding the chatbot below the product gallery significantly improved customer satisfaction."

2. Customize PDPs based on traffic source

Linda emphasized the value of tailoring PDPs based on where your traffic is coming from. "Whether users are coming from organic search, social media, or paid ads, customizing the PDP to match the look and feel of the entry point can enhance the user experience and improve conversions," she said.

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3. Incorporate rich media and social proof

Linda pointed out that modern PDPs benefit greatly from rich media, such as product demonstration videos and interactive elements. "I'm seeing more social media widgets embedded near the buy button, providing a more Instagram and TikTok shopping-like experience," she mentioned.

4. Optimize for mobile performance

With the rise in mobile shopping, optimizing PDPs for mobile is crucial. Linda advised focusing on above-the-fold real estate and using expandable accordion effects to keep content compact and scannable. "Make sure to A/B test the placement of critical elements like the buy box and cross-sell options," she recommended.

5. Utilize visual search

Visual search is an underutilized tool that can significantly enhance product recommendations and customer satisfaction. "Visual search APIs can match product images to similar items, helping customers find what they need quickly, especially if a particular item is out of stock," Linda explained.

Linda's Click-worthy tip

Linda’s top tip for e-commerce merchants and marketers is to explore visual search capabilities. "Visual search can simplify the customer journey by quickly matching users to visually similar products, reducing the friction in the shopping experience," she advised.

Final thoughts

Elevating your product detail pages involves a blend of innovative technologies, customization based on traffic sources, and optimization for both desktop and mobile experiences. By incorporating Linda's insights, you can create PDPs that not only look great but also drive conversions and enhance customer satisfaction. For more of Linda's expert tips, be sure to check out eCom Ideas on LinkedIn and her new newsletter for the latest in e-commerce trends and strategies.

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