Apr 23, 2024

5 Mother's Day promotion ideas for your Shopify store (+ landing page template)

5 Creative Mother's Day Promotion Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store
5 Creative Mother's Day Promotion Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store
Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

5 Mother's Day promotion ideas for your Shopify store (+ landing page template)

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's time for eCommerce store owners to start planning their promotions for this special occasion. This holiday presents a great opportunity for businesses to increase sales and attract new customers. However, with so many other businesses competing for attention during this time, it can be challenging to stand out.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore cutting-edge tactics for amplifying engagement, bolstering revenue streams, and crafting the perfect promotional content.

Additionally, to help you make the most out of this holiday sales moment, we’ll also include a free Mother’s Day landing page template you can customize for your own Shopify store! Let’s dive in. 

5 Mother's Day promotion ideas to boost store engagement

Mother's Day is a unique holiday that calls for creative and personalized approaches. To help you carve out a memorable and successful promotion, here are some innovative strategies to consider:

  1. Host a Mother's Day-themed giveaway: Engage your audience by hosting a giveaway centered around Mother's Day. Encourage participants to share their favorite memories or photos with their mothers for a chance to win a gift from your store. This generates buzz, increases brand visibility, and creates an emotional connection with your audience.

  2. Offer curated gift collections: Craft meticulously curated gift collections tailored explicitly for Mother's Day, from indulgent spa essentials to bespoke personalized keepsakes. This curated approach simplifies the shopping journey for customers while enticing them to explore an array of complementary products.

    For example, We the Wild has a special Mother's Day section that shows "Top Gifts for Mom."

    mothers day landing page example

  3. Utilize interactive quizzes: Inject an element of fun and interactivity by presenting your audience with captivating quizzes designed to guide them toward discovering the ideal gift for their mothers. Incorporate thoughtful questions related to preferences, hobbies, and cherished memories to offer personalized recommendations, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

  4. User-generated content campaigns: Spark a sense of community and camaraderie by encouraging your customers to share their heartfelt stories and treasured moments with their mothers across social media platforms, accompanied by a branded hashtag. Elevate these user-generated narratives by showcasing them on your eCommerce platform, thereby fostering authenticity and strengthening brand affinity.

  5. Create a themed landing page or sections: Highlight your promotions and Mother’s Day offers with a custom landing page or sections. By clarifying your special offer with a bespoke landing page, you can drive your PPC campaign traffic to a page designed to convert. 

Mother’s Day landing page template

Although Mother's Day is fast approaching, using Instant Page Builder, you can create a custom holiday landing page by starting with a pre-built template.

Because jewelry is one of the top 3 gift categories for Mother’s Day (according to the NRF), we’ve based our landing page template design on a popular jewelry brand known for its Mother’s Day promos: Little Words Project.

Here's a sneak peek at the top of the template:

Mother's day shopify landing page template from Instant page builder

No matter what you sell, this template can serve as the foundation for your page; you can mix and match content and sections that fit your brand's needs, goals, and promotions. To get started with customizing, open Instant Page Builder and head to the Template Library.

What does the Mother's Day template include?

This template contains the following sections:

  • Hero section to highlight your promotion

  • Product slider

  • Discount banner

  • "Shop the look" section

  • Embedded video/gif with "Add to cart" button

  • Moving ticker

  • Product categories section

  • "How it works" section

  • Product feature section

  • About us section

  • Social proof: In the press section

  • Social media carousel

Where can I find this template?

To access the template:

  1. Go to Instant Page Builder (if you are new to Instant, make sure to connect Instant to your Shopify store).

  2. Click on the Template Library

  3. Select Pages

  4. Click on the Mother’s Day template!

Mother's Day landing page template

With a custom Shopify landing page, you can make the most out of this holiday. All you have to do is customize the template to fit your brand, then publish it directly to your Shopify store!

Overall, these creative ideas (including the landing page) not only have the potential to increase sales and drive traffic to your online store but also allow you to showcase the meaningful values and personal touch behind your brand. By tapping into the emotional aspect of Mother's Day, you can create a memorable shopping experience for your customers while building a loyal customer base. Let’s dive a little deeper into how you can shape up your Shopify store for this special day. 

Increasing revenue with themed page elements

As precious as the Mother's Day holiday is to everyone, it still presents a huge opportunity for Shopify store owners to experience a decent bump in revenue. By incorporating themed page elements throughout your eCommerce platform, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing shopping experience for your customers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Strategic banner placement: Seize prime real estate on your homepage and product pages by strategically placing banners that spotlight exclusive Mother's Day promotions and irresistible discounts.

    For example, Lilysilk uses their banner to highlight their special discount codes.

    lilysilk discount code

    Employ captivating visuals and persuasive copy to instill a sense of urgency and drive conversions effectively.

  2. Limited edition products: Introduce a captivating array of limited edition Mother's Day-themed products or curated bundles, imbuing them with an aura of exclusivity and scarcity. Harnessing the allure of these limited offerings incentivizes swift purchases, catalyzing an uptick in sales.

    For example, Joyfulco has created a landing page that shows off their curated Mother's Day boxes:

    joyfulco box

  3. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities: Employ upselling and cross-selling strategies by deftly suggesting complementary products or enticing upgrades during checkout. Leverage Mother's Day's emotional resonance to inspire customers to enhance their shopping carts with additional items, thereby maximizing their purchasing potential.

  4. Personalized product recommendations: Leverage customer data to deliver tailored product recommendations based on purchase history or browsing patterns. By recommending personalized gift ideas for Mother's Day, you can spur customers to make more informed and satisfying purchases, thereby boosting customer satisfaction levels and increasing the potential for repeat sales.

  5. Create unique social media campaigns: Craft social media campaigns that celebrate the spirit of Mother's Day and draw attention to your limited edition products or curated bundles. Utilize visually appealing graphics, hashtags, and influencer collaborations to amplify your message and reach a wider audience. Encourage user-generated content by running contests or giveaways that showcase the love and appreciation for mothers.

  6. Enhance your email marketing ahead of time: Leverage the power of email marketing to keep your customers informed about your Mother's Day promotions, product launches, and special offers. Use engaging subject lines, visually appealing layouts, and personalized messages that resonate with your audience to drive clicks and conversions.

  7. Themed landing page optimization: Create a dedicated landing page for Mother's Day with enticing visuals, clear calls to action, and personalized product recommendations. Use persuasive language and offer limited-time offers to entice customers to purchase from your store. Continuously monitor and optimize the landing page based on customer behavior and data analysis.

  8. Partner with complementary brands: Collaborate with other brands or businesses that cater to a similar target audience but offer complementary products or services. For example, a flower shop can partner with a local spa to create exclusive Mother's Day gift packages. This expands your reach and adds value for customers by providing them with unique and thoughtful gifting options.

Application of marketing inspiration

Marketing is all about creativity and innovation, especially during the holiday season. The key to standing out in a sea of promotions and advertisements is to tailor these marketing inspirations to your brand's unique voice and offerings.

For instance, if you're a skincare brand, you can tap into the self-care trend for Mother's Day by creating a limited edition bundle that includes pampering products like face masks, serums, and bath bombs. You can also collaborate with a local florist to offer a special gift set that includes both skincare products and a bouquet of flowers. This aligns with the theme of Mother's Day and showcases your products' value and benefits.

Additionally, incorporating user-generated content (UGC) in your Mother's Day marketing can be a powerful way to engage with your audience and showcase customers' love and appreciation for their mothers or the reality of being a mother.

For example, Momcozy is highlighting UGC from moms who use their product in their campaign:

momcozy campaign

Encourage customers to share photos or videos of them spending quality time with their moms, using your products, or simply expressing gratitude towards their mothers on social media. This creates a sense of community and serves as authentic and relatable content that can attract potential customers.

Another effective marketing strategy is to create emotional connections with your audience through storytelling. Share heartwarming stories from real customers about their relationship with their mothers and how your brand played a role in strengthening that bond. This not only tugs at the heartstrings but also humanizes your brand and makes it more relatable. Some of the most effective Mother's Day marketing campaigns include:

Emotional storytelling

Leveraging emotional storytelling in Mother's Day content is a potent strategy for evoking empathy and driving sales for online stores. Online retailers can forge emotional connections with their audience by crafting narratives that resonate with the joys of motherhood, sacrifices, and the bond between mothers and their children. Through heartfelt testimonials, nostalgic imagery, or touching anecdotes, storytelling humanizes the brand and creates a memorable shopping experience. 

By tapping into the emotional essence of Mother's Day, online stores can inspire gift-giving and celebrate the special women in their customers' lives, ultimately driving engagement and boosting sales during this sentimental occasion.

Influencer collaborations

By partnering with influencers who align with their brand values and target audience, online stores can leverage the influencer's credibility, reach, and authority to amplify their message and connect with potential customers more authentically and relatable.

Influencer collaborations offer online stores a unique opportunity to tap into the influencer's loyal following, gaining access to a highly engaged audience that trusts their recommendations. Through sponsored posts, product reviews, and collaborative campaigns, influencers can showcase the online store's products in a context that resonates with their audience, driving traffic to the store and increasing sales.

Contests and giveaways

Ignite engagement with contests or giveaways across social media platforms, compelling participants to interact fervently with your brand. Offer enticing prizes such as gift cards, meticulously curated product bundles, or exclusive experiences to ignite a buzz and foster excitement around your brand.

For example, Z SUPPLY has partnered up with a bunch of brands (like Nemah.co) to do a collaborative giveaway:

z supply giveaway

Community building

Connect with your audience on a deeper level by creating a community around your brand centered around celebrating motherhood. Invite customers to share their Mother's Day plans or memories and offer them a space to connect and support each other. This not only fosters brand loyalty but also creates a sense of belonging for your customers.

Social responsibility

Incorporate social responsibility into your Mother's Day marketing efforts by partnering with charities or organizations that support mothers and families in need. This will showcase your brand's values and give customers an opportunity to make a difference while shopping for their loved ones.

Multichannel marketing

Creating a content commerce strategy that spans various channels, such as email marketing, social media, influencer partnerships, and traditional advertising, will help you reach a wider audience and increase the impact of your Mother's Day promotions. This allows you to reach customers through their preferred platforms and keeps your brand top of mind during the busy holiday season.

Post-holiday follow-up

Extend the impact of your Mother's Day marketing by following up with customers after the holiday. To complete your Shopify holiday sales strategy, be sure to send a thank-you email or offer a special discount for future purchases as a gesture of appreciation for their support. This not only strengthens customer relationships but also encourages repeat business.


Remember to be inclusive in your messaging and imagery, ensuring that all types of mothers are represented.

For example, Chez Gagne has a gift guide for many different types of moms:

chez gange gift guide

This includes single moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, and any other maternal figures or special figures in our lives. By embracing diversity and inclusivity in your Mother's Day marketing, you show your customers that your brand is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Brand promotion through effective design

When it comes to design for Mother's Day marketing, it is important to keep your brand's identity and message in mind. Here are some tips for effectively promoting your brand through design:

  • Consistent visual branding: Ensure a seamless visual experience by maintaining unwavering consistency in branding elements, encompassing colors, typography, and imagery across all Mother's Day promotional collateral and digital assets. This steadfast adherence cultivates brand recognition and reinforces brand identity, fostering unwavering consumer loyalty.

  • Personalized customer experiences: Elevate the shopping journey by implementing personalized recommendations and dynamic content tailored meticulously to each customer's unique preferences and browsing history. Tailor product suggestions and messaging to resonate profoundly with individual needs and aspirations, thereby engendering a sense of profound connection and loyalty.

  • Emphasis on mobile optimization: Cater to mobile shoppers by prioritizing seamless mobile optimization across your eCommerce interface. Embrace mobile responsiveness, intuitive navigation, and swift loading speeds to craft a frictionless browsing experience, thereby ensuring optimal engagement and conversion rates among mobile users.

  • Consistency: Use consistent branding elements such as colors, fonts, and imagery throughout all of your Mother's Day marketing materials to create a cohesive look and reinforce brand recognition.

  • Visual appeal: Make your Mother's Day designs visually appealing by using high-quality images, graphics, and layouts. This will catch the attention of potential customers and make them more likely to engage with your brand.


By harnessing the transformative power of these innovative Mother's Day promotion ideas, eCommerce enterprises can transcend conventional boundaries to drive unparalleled engagement, amplify revenue streams, fortify brand resonance, and forge enduring connections with their cherished audience. Embrace the essence of Mother's Day to craft indelible shopping experiences that resonate deeply with customers, leaving an indelible imprint on their hearts and minds for years to come.

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