Feb 23, 2024

27 Must-add Shopify sections inspired by top sports apparel brands

shopify sections for sportswear brands
shopify sections for sportswear brands
Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

27 Must-add Shopify sections inspired by top sports apparel brands

By 2027, the global sportswear industry will grow by 7% to $512 billion in sales. 

But, according to research by McKinsey, there are a few key pain points that still exist in the customer journey within this industry:

  • Finding similar-minded people

  • Finding products personalized to needs

If you’re a sporting goods or apparel brand - now is the time to jump ahead of the competition by solving these issues. 

And the perfect place to start is by adding custom, unique sections to your Shopify store that will address these pain points: 

  • For example, to help shoppers find similar-minded people, embedding user-generated content and social media content onto your pages can help to create a community around your brand. 

  • To help people find products suited to their unique needs, you can create specific, tailored product sections that show off what is special about your product and what the main benefits/use cases are. 

Top sports brands on Shopify are already doing this, but don’t let their headstart get in your way. 

This article will dive into 27 unique, customizable sections that you can add to your store and explore examples of how these sections are used by top-performing sportswear brands. 

Each section is found in the Velocity Section Kit, which is available for free inside the Instant Page Builder. 

Let’s dive in. 

Header Sections

Header sections will make a great addition to the top of any of your Shopify pages. Here are 5 header sections to consider (and brands to draw inspiration from!):

1. Header section with hero image

header section shopify

This header section style allows you to highlight a new collection and helps visitors navigate toward their relevant category with the two CTA buttons. 

One brand that is currently using a style similar to this is Adidas

adidas section

One difference is that Adidas has used a background video - but this is something that could be easily customized in Instant if your brand would also prefer a video here. 

2. Header section with two images

hero image section

This header section is key for showing off your sportswear from two different angles. This can help potential customers to imagine themselves wearing your product. 

3. Header section with one image

hero image

This header section is similar to the last section but is less busy with only one image. 

This style is similar to the header currently on Under Armour’s homepage

under armour homepage

4. Header section with background video

background video shopify section

This section incorporates a background video - which is perfect for showing off your products in action. Many sports apparel brands use videos in this way.

For example, here’s how Athleta has incorporated a video at the top of their homepage: 

athleta ecommerce site

5. Header section with discount & ratings

header section with discount and rating

This header section could be used to highlight a current sale/promotion. The star product rating element is helpful for extra social proof. 

Product Sections

Product sections are an ideal way to let your customers see your apparel in action, so they can gain an understanding of the look, feel, and fit of your product. 

6. Product section with a slider

shopify section with slider and navigation

This product section uses a slider with navigation arrows in the top right corner. This section could work well on a homepage or landing page showing off a new collection of products or a specific sale. 

This style is similar to a section used by Gymshark


7. Product section with a slider and navigation

product section with slider

This section is similar to the last one but instead incorporates navigation arrows on the slider itself. 

8. Product section with featured product

product section for shopify

This product section brings forward a specific product into focus  - which can be useful for a quick conversion opportunity. 

9. Product section with three categories

custom shopify section for products

This section uses three cards with buttons; this design can be used to help guide customers toward a category that is most relevant to their shopping needs. 

10. Product section with three categories as a slider 

ecommerce product categories

This section is similar to the last option, but in this design, the product cards are in a clickable slider.

This style is similar to a section found on Nike’s online store

nike ecommerce site

11. Product section with four images

product image gallery ecommerce section

This section is ideal for showing off multiple angles of your product. This can help to convert shoppers, who can more easily assess the look and fit of your product. 

12. Product section with multiple images

product image section

This section is similar to the last section, except the image cards are now displayed in a slider. 

Social Proof Sections

Social proof sections are a must when it comes to conversion. Their purpose is to help show shoppers what other customers think/feel about your product and help build trust. 

13. Social proof section with customer reviews

social proof customer reviews

This type of section helps display quick, bite-sized reviews to add social proof to any Shopify page. 

14. Social proof section with logos

social proof logos

Adding logos to your Shopify pages with a section like this is another easy way to build trust with customers. 

For example, Women’s Best incorporates logos at the bottom of their page. 

women's best ecommerce webshop

Features Sections

Features sections are your chance to zoom in on a specific feature or benefit that makes your product or brand unique. 

15. Features section 

features section

This section is ideal for storytelling. The icon can be used to symbolize a brand value that will speak to your audience. 

16. Features section with an image and icons

This features section uses the “rule of three” to spotlight three succinct points about your product or brand using customizable icons as a visual cue. 

17. Features section with an image

features section

This section is simple but effective. You can easily customize it with an image or copy that matches your current campaigns/initiatives. 

18. Features section with icons

features section with icons

This tried and tested section should highlight three specific features or services offered to customers. Tip here: shipping is one of the most common questions shoppers may have - so adding this information can be quite helpful in their customer journey! 

Banner Sections

Banners sections are easy ways to communicate important information, news, discounts, promos, or new arrivals! 

19. Banner section with 2 CTAs

banner section

This banner section incorporates images, text, and a CTA button. 

20.  Banner section with moving ticker


Tickers are a classic and easy way to grab the attention of shoppers. 

For example, Splits59 has a ticker in the middle of its page to bring attention to its ongoing sales. 

splits 59 ticker example

21. Banner section 

banner section

This banner section is simple but effective. 

22. Banner section with CTA button


Many brands use banners like this one to convert shoppers to becoming members or subscribers. 

23. Banner section with background image

banner section

This banner section is simple, clean, and effective. 

Socials Sections

Adding your social media to your Shopify pages can help shoppers see your product in action, follow your latest social campaigns, and give you a chance to highlight your community. 

24. Instagram social section

instagram section example

This section is a classic way to embed your Instagram into a page and encourage user-generated content with a brand-specific hashtag. 

Check out how ASICS has done this with a similar section: 

asics instagram

25. Socials image gallery section

social image gallery ecommerce

This section is a visually pleasing way of showcasing social media content. 

This style is similar to the socials section used by The North Face

the north face ecommerce web shop

Information Sections

Information sections are meant to help clarify any doubts shoppers may have and to help them on their customer journey. 

26. Accordion 

accordion on pdp

This accordion section can be used to add information about your product, materials, shipping, returns info, etc., without cluttering up your product pages. 

27. Size table

size table ecommerce shopify

One of the big questions customers will have when buying clothes online is, “Will it fit?”

This size table can be used to help customers get the information they need to ensure they buy apparel in an appropriate size. 

How to customize your sportswear brand with custom Shopify sections

To create a positive and engaging experience for online shoppers, adding interactive and dynamic Shopify sections is an easy solution. 

The 27 Sections highlighted in this article are a great foundation for sportswear brands. 

All you need to do is drag-and-drop the section of your choice onto the Visual Canvas, and then customize it to make it your own with images, text, your product info, adding responsive edits, etc. 

If you’re interested in using these Sections, they are all available for free in the Instant Page Builder! 

Simply make a free account, and check out the Velocity Section Kit inside the builder.  

velocity shopify section kit

Now it’s up to you to customize these sections to create beautiful additions to your online sports apparel store! 

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