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Jul 2, 2024

What’s new at Instant: June 2024

What’s new at Instant: June 2024 | Instant
What’s new at Instant: June 2024 | Instant
Coen van hees

Coen van Hees

What’s new at Instant: June 2024

Welcome to Instant’s monthly wrap-up newsletter! At the end of each month, I’ll be sharing our latest product updates and free resources. This way, you can follow along on our journey!

This month's wrap-up includes:

  • June's most anticipated product updates

  • Page-building tips from Sara Bošnjaković, CEO of Heylander

  • Top 3 resources (Including free Figma templates!)

  • Instant show and tell (showcasing a build from our community!)

  • Partnerships

Now, let’s dive in to see what went down at Instant in June!

Instant monthly wrap-up: June 2024

June was another month of exciting updates and milestones: over 500 people have joined our Instant Slack Community!

We are inspired daily by the amazing Shopify builds shared in our show-and-tell channel. To help more of our users bring their design visions to life, we’ve launched nine new updates this month to elevate your page building experience!

June's product updates include:

1. Subscriptions: Start selling subscriptions on your Instant Pages.
2. Pricing update: Publish an unlimited number of pages on any paid plan. 
3. Instant Academy: Explore our how-to guides, updates, & Instant 101 course.
4. Blog Posts: Design & create your own custom blog post layouts.
5. SEO settings: Enjoy full SEO controls for every page you create in Instant.
6. Practical AI: Boost SEO, generate alt text, improve copywriting, & more.
7. Position Fixed: An element that stays in place, even when you scroll.
8. Viewport Height: Build Shopify sections that fit every screen.
9. Variant Select dropdown: Help shoppers easily browse product options.

Top 3 resources

1. Free Figma File: eCommerce Health & Beauty UI Kit

Get 30+ Sections and 100+ Components, ready for any eCommerce landing page. Free to use, and easy to implement with the Figma to Shopify Plugin!

2. Guide: The easy 6-step process for setting up a Shopify Blog Post Template

Create engaging Shopify blog posts that rank high and convert readers into customers. Follow our simple 6-step process using a Shopify page builder to boost SEO and reader engagement.

3. Podcast: How to elevate your product detail pages with Linda Bustos

Discover the top 5 tips from eCom expert Linda Bustos on how to elevate your product detail pages, boost conversions, and enhance user experience. 

Instant show and tell:

Using Instant Page Builder, Built For Athletes created this early access landing page: 

This page was part of their partnership campaign launch for Built For Athletes x HYROX Europe. It teases their upcoming joint collection and includes a form to capture the emails of interested shoppers. 

Here’s how they built this waitlist page.

Advice from an Instant user

Read our full interview with Sara for more ideas about how to leverage Instant for your Shopify brand!


This month, Instant partnered with both TrackBee and Judge.me. 

  • Judge.me x Instant: With our integration, you can boost sales and build trust by adding product reviews and star ratings to your Shopify pages.

  • TrackBee x Instant: Improve your conversion funnel with Instant and TrackBee! Overcome ad tracking challenges, enhance targeting, and create high-converting landing pages.


That’s it for the month of June at Instant! But there are many exciting updates coming soon. Keep an eye on our Changelog for weekly updates. Until next month, happy building!

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